What to Do With a Swollen iPhone Battery


Of the widespread signs your battery is failing, a swollen battery is probably the most pressing and harmful. Battery swelling occurs because of slightly factor known as outgassing, which happens when a battery will get overcharged, broken, or just outdated. Below these circumstances, the chemical response that retains your battery working breaks down and, similar to the identify suggests, outputs fuel. The battery casing is constructed to comprise that nasty fuel—so, inevitably, it bloats up.

From the skin, a swollen battery can manifest as a hazy white display screen (because of strain on the show). You may additionally discover a separation between the display screen and the cellphone physique, or “squishiness” of the display screen (no separation between the cellphone and the display screen, however your display screen strikes a bit if you pinch the perimeters of your cellphone). You can too detect a swollen battery by smelling your cellphone—not by holding it proper as much as your face like a flower (the poisonous fumes are method worse than allergic reactions, belief us), however through the use of a wafting movement from a brief distance away. And if you wish to triple-super-check, then you too can open your cellphone up and look to see if the battery’s wrapping appears to be like unfastened or wrinkly, or if it appears to be like spherical and is rising out of its recess.

Warning: It’s necessary to know that your battery is susceptible to catching hearth if it’s already reached a swollen state. Don’t attempt to change the battery in case your gadget is unusually scorching, smells actually unhealthy, or is already on hearth. It might wait! If this all sounds slightly too scary, and also you’re not feeling completely cozy with the restore, that’s okay too—changing a swollen battery may be intimidating. Take a deep breath, energy down your cellphone, after which put it in a fireproof container and take it to a repair professional.

Swollen iPhone battery
Costs completely fantastic? No terrible odor? However barely swollen batteries, even like this one, nonetheless pose a critical hearth hazard and should be eliminated instantly.

In case your bravery has prevailed, and also you need to do the substitute your self—proper on! Right here are some things it’s best to do earlier than the restore to make sure your security: Be sure your battery’s cost is as little as attainable by letting it drain to close zero p.c—this enormously reduces the danger of a hearth. Additionally, be sure you maximize the air flow within the space the place you’re doing the restore, to cut back publicity to these aforementioned fumes. And, your chemistry instructor remains to be proper—put on eye safety (ideally full security goggles). It’s additionally a good suggestion to put on protecting gloves to forestall pores and skin contact with the chemical substances inside your battery.

Make sure to work on a non-flammable floor. In case a fireplace does get away, it’s a good suggestion to have a bucket of sand on the prepared so you may douse it. You can too do the restore outdoors if it’s cool and dry, however when you’re inside, be certain to have an exit plan to outdoors in case your battery begins smoking or catches hearth.

Electrical fires are greatest put out by reducing off the oxygen provide with sand or a fireplace blanket or by using an appropriate foam or powder extinguisher.

Wherever you restore, and regardless of the temptation, don’t expose the battery to water or moisture—the lithium within the battery can react with the water and trigger extra issues than you began with.

I’m going to reiterate that to verify it actually sinks in: DO NOT expose the battery to water or moisture—as a result of the lithium will react with the water, probably inflicting a fireplace.

Swollen iPhone battery in a fireproof container
Fireproof container

Okay, now you may lastly begin to take away the battery. For probably the most half, you may simply observe the restore information on your specific device. We additionally suggest utilizing a ‘lil solvent like iFixit’s adhesive remover, high-concentration isopropyl alcohol, or acetone. The solvent will cut back the necessity to pry in opposition to or flex the battery. However—and it is a massive however—solvents are flammable, so use them as sparingly as attainable, and acetone might trigger injury to plastic components. Solely use uninteresting, plastic instruments to keep away from puncturing the battery—punctures can release its toxic contents or start a flaming reaction. And, if issues get slightly smoky, take the gadget outdoors or place it in your fireproof compartment till it calms down. After which take a deep breath (away out of your gadget and its fumes)—and check out once more. You bought this.

Yay! You eliminated the battery! Now it’s time to get rid of it. Don’t throw it away or put it in water, please—recycle it. We’ve received an entire post telling you precisely the best way to do it, so please, please get rid of it safely.

After you’ve swapped in a brand new battery (we suggest utilizing one among our kits, after all), listed here are some tricks to take higher care of it this time ‘spherical: Let your cellphone run out of battery slowly, and cost it slowly. This limits stress, lets the chemical reactions full extra totally, and retains the gadget warmth down. Meaning you shouldn’t have your cellphone hooked as much as its charger when it doesn’t must be, and check out to not cease and begin charging at brief intervals. However most significantly, don’t drop the cellphone! Display screen cracks are apparent, however drops can jostle and even puncture the battery utterly invisibly, and that may be far more harmful.

Sadly, lithium-ion chemistry isn’t good—all batteries are consumables, which implies they get outdated. And like us, when batteries get outdated, the processes that hold them working begin to degrade. However the place we get wrinkles and breathe out CO2, batteries produce poisonous gases and bloat themselves as much as comprise it—till they explode. So when you can change your battery earlier than it swells up, by all means do, however in case you don’t beat the bloat to it, we hope the following tips assist you to really feel extra empowered to take away it safely.


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